Sunday, March 14, 2010

Eau Claire Photographer | the six.

Don't wait to make your son a great man - make him a great boy.


Yesterday, my eldest turned six. Six years ago, his heart entered into my life and changed my life for the better. While our path wasn't always clear, it's always been ours and I find that comforting. My Stephen, I promise to live by the words above. You truly are a great boy and we're lucky to have you.

We stayed in Eau Claire instead of making the trip home this year. We didn't tell Stephen that grandma + grandpa were making the trip up here, so when they walked in the door, I thought perhaps Stephen might pinch himself or fall on the ground in shock. After all three kids spent time talking at the same time to their grandparents about new things and what we've been up to, we headed out for lunch to one of my favorite places, the Acoustic Cafe.

At night, Stephen chose pizza from Jeff & Jim's for dinner and we topped it off with the ugly, but delicious cake that Stephen, Samantha and I baked. It rivaled the cakes made by our beloved Cake Lady back home, but was no where near as pretty. Stephen was so proud to be six finally and Samantha demanded we sing to her as well. And Vivian? Well, Vivian was just pretty happy about all the food. She is most definitely my child.

It was a day filled with some family, LEGO blocks, good food and love. A perfect way to celebrate a day of turning six.


  1. oh! you posted a picture of an acoustic hoagie?! Do you know that means I will have to drive to Winona or Eau Claire to get one? SERIOUSLY I crave those sooooooo much! I have {twice} driven an hour and a half for no other reason than to eat one. happy birthday to stephen!

  2. I love the look in Stephen's eyes at the cake!! How intimately perfect!

  3. Love the photos and the cake... man I want some birthday cake so badly right now! The new blog is awesome. Good job, Katey-love!

  4. Yum yum yum. Happy birthday to the coolest six year old out there.

  5. thanks so much, lovelies! oh, and krystal, if you're ever in town to enjoy the awesomeness that is the acoustic, please drop me a line!


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