Thursday, June 17, 2010

Eau Claire Photography • Road trip!

I will be out of the office starting this Friday, June 17th through Sunday, June 20th. I will have access to email, but seeing as though this is a family visit with some work mixed in, I will begin returning emails on Monday. I'm excited about the sessions I have scheduled and so looking forward to shooting at "home" again.

Now, the not so business-y sounding stuff. Two of my kiddos are going to stay with grandma + grandpa for an entire week next week. Oh my! While it sounds like a breath of fresh air, I know I'm going to miss them like crazy. And I know that a mama needs a break from time to time, so I plan on making the most of it and knocking out some items from my looooong to-do list. I've got some new packaging to share with all of you and am hoping to get together with Jessica Sands of Jessica Sands Photography again for some fun next week. I'm also so, so very excited to assist her with a wedding next weekend. That wedding just so happens to belong to nicole + jeremy from the style shoot a couple of weeks ago. ♥ Swoonage. Seriously.

Don't forget to get your entry in for the contest for a chance to win a session from me! We're about a week in, and you've only got two more weeks to get your entry to my inbox. ♥

And since I've been on a "This Week...." hiatus thanks to the rain and gray that was circulating in our area last week, here are a few photos of the girls from this week. Stephen is suddenly at a point where he sees the camera and RUNS {Gee, do you think I carry it around much?}, so he's taking a break from photos apparently. No sense forcing anything. Or perhaps I need to find a better bribe for him....


  1. So adorable! I love the second and last one! Hope you have a great weekend! I'll be out of town and MIA also.. yay!

  2. CANNOT wait to shoot Nicole & Jeremy's wedding with you!!!


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