Thursday, October 28, 2010

Rockford, IL Family Photographer | the Andino family.

On a personal note....

I've known Rob and Renee for a few years now. They are both absolutely amazing chiropractors at Health First Physical Rehab in Rockford, IL. Our family first met Dr. Renee when we were trying to help my little Sammo during her ear infection saga {seriously, we were at the doctor's office three times for three different meds and each absolutely shredded her poor little stomach and I was OVER putting her on anything else!}. After a few weeks of visits with Dr. Renee, the ear infections were no more and my wee babe {and our entire family!} was finally happy again. I also continued my care there throughout my pregnancy with Vivi {with complete support from my midwife} and I can't even tell you how awesome of a difference it made for me while pregnant and during my delivery {and recovery, too!}. Dr. Rob has also treated me and I honestly can't say enough fab things about these two. I miss the heck out of them now that we've moved!

I was so excited to be able to capture their family while we were back home visiting this past weekend. They are so fun and I seriously could not stop laughing. Their boys are so full of life and their personalities are absolutely hysterical! Watching the four of them together was beyond lovely and I am willing to bet their home is full of laughter. And I know it's full of love.

Much love,

Rockford, IL Family Photographer | Eau Claire, WI Family Photographer


  1. Dear Kate,

    Words cannot express my gratitude for these priceless pictures. In a couple hours you were able to capture the love and essence of our family. I have been a photo geek since I was 12 years old and was even the photo editor of the Purdue Yearbook. In my many decades of Photography, I have never been able to capture my family the way that you have. Your viewpoints are fresh, images crisp and your passion contagious. My facebook wall has been up all day and every day because I can't take my eyes off my beautiful family and your gorgeous picture. Thank you so much for capturing a moment in time and leaving a legacy for our children. You rock!

  2. I am going to squeal, because when I saw these pictures, I just KNEW that they would elicit the response Dr. Rob just posted. These are gooorgeous, Katey! I loved your vision and I loved your PP--the tones were true-to-life and yet, enriched. Just beautiful.

  3. I love this family, and you did an AMAZING JOB catching this family exactly the way they are. Those boys are cute, funny and spontaneous and you captured that. Thank you for shareing.

  4. What a happy family & what a great photograper.


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