Saturday, March 27, 2010

Eau Claire Photography | Flynn Spring Concert

One of the many benefits of our move was Stephen getting to go to a new school. Don't get me wrong, his old school has helped him really build a foundation and love for learning, but I think a lot of the extras were missing. Like holiday parties. And Valentine's exchanges. And singing programs. I still remember the ones from my youth and was really pretty bummed out when Stephen didn't get to participate in anything over the last year and half in school. Now, with his new school, things are completely different. They have spring singing concerts! Nothing says childhood quite like hundreds of children singing their hearts out, in tune or not. Mostly it was not, but who cares. I totally got weepy seeing my kid on stage. Singing and performing for a packed auditorium at the high school. He even had the most concentrated look on his face during every awkward arm movement that was choreographed to the music. My little star. And yes, I took pictures. And video. But I'll spare you the video.

and this last one is my favorite. Apparently my child felt the song could use some interpretive dance. <3

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