Sunday, April 25, 2010

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I've decided to condense all of my ramblings about our own adventures in to one weekly post. While there's nothing I love more than raving about what my own kids are up to on a daily basis, your blog readers were probably getting tired of it. So, deep breath in; here goes....

First off, things are finally turning green up here. ♥ In a matter of days it seemed, we went from this:

To this:

My kids are still ridiculously amazing. Stephen's reading improves every week and now Samantha wants to read too. She enjoys picking up the books we've read to her I don't know how many times and "reads" them to anyone that will listen. Her memory is pretty full of awesome as she gets pretty much the entire story across and adds her own little bits and pieces as well.

And my Vivian? My Incredible V, has made it quite clear that she is very nearly done with being a wee babe.

You see, Vivian decided this week that she would begin walking on her own. Yep, she apparently feels the need to keep up with Stephen and Samantha on two legs. I was in no way prepared for this as neither of my other lovelies walked until 14 months or so. I was prepared to enjoy at least 3 more moths of baby snuggle bliss. Viv had other plans. *le sigh*

In knitting news, {were you aware I have a knitting blog that usually contains these little bits of fibery goodness? I do! It can be found here.} I finished up quite a few projects this week and started even more. The hats will be going off to live somewhere else for a new little sprout on the way. I love knitting almost as much as photography.

{Photographers, I do love knitting for others as well, so if you're in need of hats for props, please feel free to email me or contact me on facebook for pricing or information!}

And last but not least, I received a lovely package from April of STITCH n' Giggles. You see, Scott's coworker is expecting a bundle of love very soon and to go along with the hat and booties I made, I knew they had to have an "Iron Swaddle" blanket for their very own. My kids love these blankets and I can still swaddle my almost one year old in them. They are amazing! If you have a shower to attend or baby gifting to be done, I urge you to contact April and get some on order! Samantha still caries her cow one around and they're great for Kindy quiet time and living room picnics as well. {AND, they make great newborn photo backdrops as well. I LOVE April's taste in fabric!}

I'm hoping to help April with a photo tutorial on just how to fold these blankets to help new mamas maximize their awesomeness, so anyone with a new babe on the way in the Eau Claire, WI area, please contact me for information! ♥

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  1. I adore the compiled random posts. It helps to do a full recap rather than a few bits here and there. And... I think I might be ordering something from you... we need to talk!


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