Friday, May 28, 2010

Eau Claire Photographer | This Week in Eau Claire

This week, my darling of a hubster sensed that I was in need of a hike with my camera. He watched the kids and I set out on my own in the car with no plan. The funny thing is, I ended up only a few blocks from my house on a trail behind the sledding hill. I've always wanted to follow it, but last time I had Stephen with and he is no fan of anything or anywhere involving bugs right now. And it did involve bugs as a colony of ants near the brick pile thought perhaps I shouldn't be poking around with my camera in their hood. Ah well, it was worth it. And yes, I screamed and jumped around like my shoes were on fire. Har!

The kids are well. And lovely. And bright. And oh so excited for summer. Stephen is reading like crazy and we've been having fun reading his current obsession, The Magic Treehouse series. Stephen will be taking some summer classes and I'm trying to find something for Sammo as it really is quite sad when she puts her backpack on and asks me in that voice when is she going to get to go to school. However, for every act of sweetness, there is an act of frustration with Sam {notice the photo? It was too funny not to share because, well, it's truly Sam!}. Her fashion sense is also quite questionable and I'm sticking with the story that it came from my other half. Viv is running now and has discovered the garbage can. I now have to check it every so often when things suddenly go missing. So far it's been DVDs, some magazines, random toys {a few I didn't mind and left there....yikes} and her plate. ♥

Hope everyone has a fabulous and safe Memorial Day weekend. ♥

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  1. Adorable! I love every single image. Glad you had an awesome walk and some good quality camera time. :)


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