Tuesday, May 18, 2010

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So. I've been avoiding this post. Last week was a tough one for me. Our littlest wee babe turned one on Wednesday. My Vivi; My Viv. So lovely. So independent. So full of this amazing spark to charge forward while I'm still trying to get her to sit still and snuggle awhile longer. There's too much exploring and adventure in store for her and cuddling on the couch and singing are no longer on her list. Ah well, she'll come back around eventually, hopefully with books in her hands just like Samantha does now.

...and this week....

...and in addition to birthday festivities, Scott, Stephen and I played Scrabble on the front lawn...

...and this pretty much sums up my chances of ever beating Scott in Scrabble {and no, this was not staged. Stephen really did pull these letters for me!}

...and thanks to the lovely weather this past week, we've had plenty of time to practice swinging.

...and lastly, the lilacs and bridal wreaths are making me swoon on our family walks. ♥

{thank you to my lovely friend, Kate Monroe for the gentle push to get this week done and face the fact that my bebe is in fact one no matter if I avoid this post or not. and thank you to my dear friend, April for the awesome picnic Scrabble blanket/Iron Swaddler you see twice in my blogpost today. ♥}

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  1. Awww. I love it! Love all the pictures of Viv, she is just so adorable. You and Scott make such gorgeous kids.


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