Thursday, September 23, 2010

Eau Claire Commitment Photographer | I'll miss you, kiss you, give you my coat when you are cold.

Ohhhhhhhhhh, where do I even begin with this blog post? Cora + Neil's commitment ceremony had me misty eyed pretty much from beginning to end. There were so many personal touches included in this gathering and I really think it says so much about the love they share to have so many family/friends present helping set up, speaking, singing, and even officiating the ceremony itself.

I'll start with this:

Cora met Neil while shopping for the above vehicle. And now here they are, pouring their hearts into this ceremony to celebrate each other. These two love each other so, so much. Within 5 minutes of seeing them together I just knew.

Without further rambling, here are some of my favorites!

Jumping the broom!

Much Love,


  1. Oh Kate...I am speechless. You are AMAZING!!!! We will treasure these memories for the rest of our lives and I am so thankful you were there to capture our day. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Cora

  2. This is a great arrangement of of the best pic's. You did an awsome job and had great ideas all day long. -Neil

  3. What a wonderful day! And you captured it for us to enjoy over and over again. We love you Neil and Cora. Mom and Dad Bauer

  4. Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful captures ~ love love!


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