Monday, September 27, 2010

Personal Post | the dino pajama shirt.

Yikes. Am I really going to write this post here? You betcha. When Samantha was a wee babe and we were in the Dells for Stephen's birthday, I hopped over to the sah-weet outlet mall and hit up GAP for some pajama sets. This set was hidden under a pile in the discount section. Totally a "boy" set, but I didn't care. It had dinos on it and some of them were purple. I bought them. And put them on Samantha as often as I could. When it was too cold for the shorts, she wore the shirt under cardigans and we continued to love it. When Samantha outgrew it, I wasn't overly sad to see them go, because we had another wee one on the way at that point and I knew that no matter who was in there, they were going to get to wear the dino pajamas again. Yesssss! They have seen the same amount of love while in Vivi's care and it's still one of my favorite shirts to put on her. It's sized 6-12 month and my 15 month old is still going strong in it. Well, I dug it out of the dresser today and I'm fairly certain that we're not going to get another season out of it. This winter, the dino pajama shirt will be retired for good. Why does this bug me so? I'm sure there are other parents out there who have one item of clothing they always seem to reach for when dressing their babe. I will say that the dino shirt will never find it's way into the garage sale bin. The dino shirt will have to be moved to my dresser for safe keeping. It's the one baby thing I can't seem to let go of and my new quest is probably going to be to try and find more of these in larger sizes....


  1. *sniff* I totally have shirts for the boys that are like that for me. I hate the idea of them not fitting anymore!

  2. But how did you keep it in such good shape?!?

  3. it's like the universe knew that this was my favorite and took care of it in the wash. har. in all seriousness, i will say that while the gap pajama sets are pricey {even on sale I believe this set was $6}, they've held up WAAAAAAAY better than any other baby clothing item we own. i have 3 or 4 sets that have been passed down to each kid and are still in fabulous shape. oh, and i am a big fan of spray n' wash type products for stains. they are a MUST when you kids love painting as much as mine do.


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